what is it?

May 3, 2009

I really have no idea how to describe this….To this day I always feels there’s some part of me missing..

Either its been missing or is it just something that I haven’t found yet?

Well that’s pretty much tells everything…I always feel like there’s an empty space inside of me waiting to be filled…




Never regret

April 29, 2009

is it always this difficult to be the so called “good guy”?

How shall I described it clearly? Well I think everyone knows pretty clear there’re two types of guys in this world

asshole,jerk,playboy, these three categories will fall under the categories of bad boys, well the rest will fall under the tree of good guys.

I don’t think I need to describe one by one or which one fall under which category. I just want to tell sometimes how frustrated I am being one of the good guys.

For those who don’t know me, I will start by telling about my self a bit. I was born from a family with a good background. Dad is a buddhist, Mom is a Catholic. I have 1 younger sister, and since I was born pretty much my mom has been dedicated my life to christianity. Want to know how its happened?

This is how the story was told to me by my mom. It was that one day just when I was about a few months old, I was sick on that day. My Grandma gave a me a chinese medicine which pretty much could have killed me that day haha. A medicine as big as adult’s thumb went on my baby’s throat, thats one pretty clear cause of death. However, my mom started to shouted dramatically and made a promise to God that if I were to be saved on that day she will bring me to christianity. Suddenly, the thunder roar, the oceans rise and God has listened to my mom’s voice, oh well that’s not how its exactly happened but at least the part where God listened to my mom’s prayer is true =).

Years passed on, I grew to be an adult now and writing about a blog how sometimes I wish that I could do what normal bad guys do out there. I just want to make it clear here, what I meant by bad guys is not the type which involve killing people or selling drugs.

What I mean I sometimes wish to be a guy……….

Oh well I just realized something…why in the world I wrote this article…I am a good guy and I am happy with I am. Suddenly I just can’t think Why would I want to be one of the bad guys? There’s nothing good to it.

Most of the time people will never satisfied with what they already had in their life, until its gone. Life is too precious to be wasted on dreaming to be someone else. Live your life as yourself fulfill your destiny as you walk along it, and one day when you look back you can say proudly “Lucky I didn’t choose the wrong road”

Well I didn’t want make to make judgement call about bad and good, because everyone has their own way of fulfilling their needs and destiny, but in the future what matters the most is you never regret what you’ve done in the past, because that made YOU and only YOU.

thanks for spending your time reading this unimportant post!


Newbie Blogger

where should I start?

April 27, 2009

Hmm to be honest I have no idea what to write on this blog, however since the day I posted series of images of my blackberry’s broken lcd I have become quite famous. Can’t believe it?  well we’ll get to that point soon..

Well it all started with a broken bb’s ( that’s how we call blackberry in indonesia, spelled be-be ) lcd. I was at the church on the day it happened, when the service almost ended, my friend suggested  we should  go out earlier, so we won’t be caught in traffic. As a sign of agreeing, I put my bb back to my pocket safely and walked out, well there it goes..I walked  and unluckily I………….( still finding the right word) a table , and my pocket which I stored my bb safely hit the edge of the table, BINGO!!  Thats already a bad sign for me, I was praying to myself that my bebe hopefully will be alright. I take out my bb and there it it was a blank white screen. In a panic mode like that, all I could think is I hope its just a software failure where I could always restart it by unplugging the battery and put it back on. Unluckily it is broken. If you’re reading this don’t feel sorry for me, because if not because of my blackberry I woudn’t be writing this blog. 

Lets just fast forward the story a bit. The next few days after my bb is officially declared dead, I’ve been trying to find a replacement of the screen, but my efforts haven’t been able to bring me any good news. In such a despair condition, I have no idea where to look again except for its original distributor, which would have cost me Rp 3.500.000. Well luckily my friend asked me if I would like to to Jakarta?? Hmm maybe thats what I was needed? a short break from my work and finding a replacement lcd for my blackberry? Sounds like a good deal to me, Jakarta it is…

Lets just cut to the point of the story, there was this one night when i was invited by my friend in jakarta to a dinner, I was introduced to her friends. When I was asked what’s the occasion in jakarta? ” I said to them I was just having a short break from my work in bali, and don’t forget my main reason is to fix my bb”

I was just shocked when I heard their answer “Owww.. itu BB lo yah yang rusak di facebook? gila kasian bgt tuh bbnya”  ( “oww that broken bb that I saw on fb was yours?, poor bb”)

my sudden reaction was, wow it seems my bb have brought me a lot of fame here…I haven’t even meet these guys before ,but well they known my bb before me.

oh well at least they know me now as the owner of the poor bb =), my bb has brought me  a lot of new friends and experiences

note: to the day this post was written my bb is still not fixed yet…and if there’s anyone out there knows where I can get a lcd replacement for my blackberry Javelin please do help me =)

I’ll tell more about my stories in Jakarta soon..Im still getting used of writing these blogs


-from your Newbie Blogger-